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Ashley has been working in the animal industry for 8+ years. She has gained variable knowledge from working at an animal sanctuary to working at a veterinary clinic.  She has held positions from kennels, veterinary assisting, surgical assisting, and care taking for over 100+ animals at the sanctuary. Ashley started grooming in 2012 and has taken a passion to the job and continues to grow in the grooming industry daily.  She has been exploring Asian Fusion styling and loves to do unique cuts on all pets!  Ashley also has her hands full at home with 5 pockets pets, 4 large dogs, and 3 cats!

Meet Alison & Ashley!

Alison has been working in veterinary clinics for 9+ years varying from kennels, to veterinary assisting, to being a vet tech. She graduated in 2008  from Bradford School in Columbus, Ohio with a degree in Veterinary Technology and hasn't left the animal business since! In 2008 she discovered an interest in pet grooming  and has been studying new and upcoming grooming styles since! She has her hands full at home with 20+ Nubian goats, 2 horses, 3 dogs, and 6 cats!

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