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Stain & Odor

Shear Delight Pet Salon wants your home to smell as clean and fresh as our shop does! For that we carry Nature's Miracle line of Stain and Odor Removers and neutralizers. We have everything from Skunk Odor removers, to Allergen Blockers! We can help you with that sniffle or sneeze!


We have a fully stocked doggy bakery case as soon as you walk in the door at Shear Delight. Some people still mistake us for the doughnut shop that used to be in our building, so it always makes for a good chuckle! We have specialty cookies from Tail Bangers and Three  Bean Dog Bakery, and we also carry Zuke's Mini Naturals treats. Stop in and see what your furry friend may like!

Dog Food

At Shear Delight Pet Salon we searched for the best quality food for the best price for people like you and me! We discovered "Whole Earth Farms" made by Merrick in the USA. We carry a variety of flavors such as chicken, duck, beef, salmon, and offer a "healthy weight" option. These are all grain-free to accommodate our allergy clients!


We are a proud retailer of Huggle Hounds and Mammoth toys! We offer rope toys, water toys, and durable mesh toys that are so cute that no pet can resist them!

Dental Care

Keep your pet's kisses fresh with our variety of oral care products!  We stock water additives, dental foams and gels, as well as toothbrushes and toothpaste. 

Home Grooming

Burt's Bee's Natural products are our go to product for home baths, hot spot soothing, and dander reducing products. We also carry Safari grooming tools for coat care in between grooming appointments.  See what we can do to help your pet at home!

Cat Supplies

Shear Delight is here to help spoil that special kitty in your life.  Zuke's natural treats, bonito flakes, and refillable catnip toys are just a few of the things we offer for our feline friends!




Hair Cutting/Styling

Hot Oil Treatments

Paw Pad Conditioning

Trimming/Filing Nails

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